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Isle of Man TT: A Dangerous Addiction

I just watched this intense film on @DocHeaven and it is unlike anything I’ve ever seen before.  Although I think Motorcycles are a bit Dangerous I’ve always wanted to have one.  Unfortunately or fortunately my wife has always denied my request.

The Film is about a one of a kind Race in the streets of the Isle of Man, once considered the most prestigious races in the world.  The Race is composed of all kinds of racers, from amateurs to sponsored Professionals.  A quote in the film by one of the racers is that, “it feels like we should all be thrown in jail”.  It’s crazy to see them racing in the streets in excess of 100 MPH with out run-off areas.  There isn’t much safety and there have been over 100 deaths in the race’s history. 

I really enjoyed this film and it didn’t have any gory parts, although they did show a couple of bad crashes.  If you are a thrill seeker or just want to see some crazy guys have fun, check this film out!! 

The Dotted Line (2011)

Morgan Spurlock does it again, this Documentary is Awesome!!! If You’ve ever wanted to see what a sports agent really does, check out this film. You definitely get to feel the excitement and the disappointments that these guys go through. My favorite part of this film is when you get to watch a Draft with an Agent, it gets intense! I also like that the film covers the high roller agents and the new up and comers. It gives two very different perspectives. I had a lot of fun watching this Doc. I hope you like it too

Happy (2011)

I’ve been anxiously waiting to see this film & I was not let down. It has several great stories within the big picture. It really reinforces many of my own personal beliefs about life and success. I really enjoyed learning about the
different cultures and their perception of happiness. It made me feel great and made me think of whats really important. There’s a great Ben Franklin Quote at the beginning that does a great job of summing up the film. Paraphrasing another quote from the film that i really like say’s that “we need to stop looking at whats above us and instead look at what’s right in front of us.” I’m going to make it a point to stay Happy all the time!

Circo (2010)

If you’ve ever been to a Mexican Circus, this will bring back some great memories. If you haven’t, this film will bring you to the front row. The story will help you understand the sacrifices and hard work it takes to run a small family circus. Circo will take you on an emotional ride, i highly recommend it for any age group. My 8 year old loved it!

Senna (2010)

I’d seen this film advertised on Netflix and ITunes all of the time but for some reason I’d always bypassed it.  I’m sure glad I finally gave it a chance.  This Doc is Awesome, whether you like Racing or not.  Since I didn’t know the story I was so excited and tense the whole way through.  A true Talent and probably the greatest Formula 1 Driver ever.  If the Politics weren’t so corrupt back then he would undoubtedly be the best ever to date.  It’s crazy what a sports figure can do for a country, I never realized he was such an amazing star.  I don’t want to ruin this one for you so you better watch it.  I’m definitely a new Senna Fan!! 

Romantico (2005)

A great story about a Trio (actually they’re only two) of musicians from Mexico trying to make money for their families back home. They walk the streets of California and play anywhere they can. The few dollars they make are enough to provide a decent life for their families. But the sacrifice of being so far away is painful. This is the story of many people that are in this country trying to provide for their families back home. Check it out on Netflix!

Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead

Okay, so a friend of mine posts something about a diet that he’s been on for 26 days.  He say’s how brutal it’s been but then posts a before and after head-shot of himself.  I must admit, it’s pretty amazing.  So now I’m intrigued and I ask him what it’s all about.  He say’s, “watch this movie, Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead”.  That’s all he said and because you don’t have to tell me twice to watch a Documentary, I pulled it up on Netflix and began watching .  Within the first 10 minutes, I was already hooked.  I’d heard about people Juicing, I thought they were on Steroids or something, but after this now I know what Juicing is all about.  Before the movie ended I was on Craigslist looking for a Juicer.  I told my wife that I was going to start Juicing and she said that I, “need to be Realistic”, another doubter.  So the next day i made her and my babysitter watch the movie.  Sure enough as soon as it was over they were like me, ready to get started.  I plan on buying a Juicer this weekend and I’ve already found some Farmers Markets that I’m going to hit up.  I need to do this! Watch the film, maybe you can join us!  

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